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1) LASIK and refractive surgeries
2) Corneal transplant surgeries
3) Keratoconus management and C3R
4) Dry eye clinic


Vision correction surgery, also called refractive and laser eye surgery refers to any surgical procedure to fix vision problems.Most vision correction surgeries reshape the cornea, the clear part of the eyes to make the rays focus on the retina.

LASIK- Lasik is the surgery to remove spectacle powers upto – 9 D permanently. It can be done after 18 years of age once the spectacle power stabilizes.

Before doing Lasik patient needs to undergo thorough anterior segment evaluation, retina check up and corneal topography test.

Photorefractive keratectomy(PRK)

PRK  is used to correct mild to moderate myopia or astigmatism. Like Lasik,a surgeon uses a laser to reshape the cornea, but the laser is given on the corneal surface after scraping the epithelium and post laser a bandage contact lens is placed over the cornea for protection.

Intacs- are also known as intracorneal ring segments orICR. Two crescent shaped plastic rings are placed in the corneal periphery after making a small incision. These are used to treat keratoconus.

Corneal Transplantation:

A cornea transplant is an invasive procedure that replaces affected part of the cornea with a healthy donor corneal tissue. It can restore vision, reduce discomfort and enhance appearance of a cornea that has been impaired or been diseased.


Keratoconus is a disease in which cornea starts expanding into a conical shape. This eye syndrome is progressive and can’t be reversed. When diagnosed early, C3R therapy helps in stabilizing it and in advanced stages, corneal transplantation techniques are helpful.